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Acrylic, Fiberglass

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Installation, Mural, Painting, Public art


by: Olka Art

In 2021-2022, "Discovery" was commissioned by the Province of New Brunswick for Arc-en-ciel School as part of the Public Art Policy for New Brunswick.

“Discovery” is a painted mural with 3-D relief  installed in the cafeteria of Arc-en-ciel School. The work features children looking through magnifying glasses at ants and dandelions. According to Olka Art, the dandelion is a symbol of military children. It is also a symbol of the growth of hope, healing and happiness. Second are the ants, which represents hard work of persevering in order and cooperation. The artwork's rainbow colours reflect the diversity of the community and the spectrum of sexuality and gender. 

"Childhood is a time of magic and shapeshifting when children use their imagination in play, they are developing crucial psychological and emotional capacities that help them understand the world in which they live and their relation to it; they are learning to solve problems, create new possibilities, even change the world." - Olka Art 

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Olka Art Collective is a group of four professional artists with over eight years of collaboration. They have a strong background and proven experience in large-scale public art construction and installations.

Olka art is the reflection of the actual society. All the members are working toward their main goal which is affecting contemporary art, regardless of sex, gender or boundary.

Teamwork is what makes them stronger and sets them apart. Their skills are complementary in most cases, as well as overlapping.

They are all involved in every piece of art produced by the collective. From the idea to creation and installation. The percentage of cooperation and participation of each of them may be different, but they all participate in and are present in all the works equally. 

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