Alanna Baird

Alanna Baird

St. Andrews, New Brunswick

  • Hamilton, Ontario June 4th, 1956
  • Canadian
  • St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Alanna Baird lives in Saint Andrews, NB where she maintains a material based artistic practice, working primarily in sculpture. She completed 3 years of Engineering (UNB) before studying Ceramics (NB Craft School - 1978).

In 2022 she was awarded the Eidlitz Award for Integration of Natural Sciences and the Arts by Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre, in celebration of her work which exhibits a profound appreciation and understanding of the harmony between natural science and art.

She received the Margaret Woodson Nae Fellowship from the Sheila Hugh McKay Foundation. Alanna’s work in plastic, inspired by her residency with the Students on Ice Foundation’s 2022 Ocean Conservation Expedition was exhibited at IMPAC5 (5th International Marine Protected Areas Conference) Vancouver (2023).

Alanna won a Canadian National Sculpture Competition (2014) and has received three Arts NB Creation A grants towards new work. Alanna has had solo Canadian exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in the United States, Australia and Bermuda. Her Public Art Commissions are in Alberta, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Alanna is also an accomplished printmaker and participated in an international printmaking portfolio for exhibition at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Centre’s conference Altered Environments (USA 2023).

The first work she created in recycled tin was featured by the American Crafts Council in celebration of 1993, The Year of Craft in North America. Alanna’s iconic tin fish have become an invasive species scattered through private collections, globally speaking their messages of environmental concern.

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